Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Today was a great food day.
I'm trying a detox for the next couple of weeks, and today's recipes were yummy!
I'm working on having four to five small meals throughout the day to hopefully speed up my snail-speed metabolism.
I whipped up a Carrot-Mango Smoothie I found here.
It was the perfect pick-me-up for my afternoon meal.

Next up was dinner-Salmon with Herbed Mustard Sauce paired with Spicy Cauliflower-found here and here.
 I was a little nervous about the boldness of each dish, but Seth and I loved it!
We ate in front of the TV tonight.

The picture in the recipe left the sauce on the side, but we went for it and spread ours on top.
The vegetables had so much dimension with the cumin seeds and mustard seeds.

I ended my night with the best homemade tea I have ever tasted!
Warm Grapefruit Tea-found here.
This was so refreshing and comforting! 
It made two mugs-I get to enjoy it again tomorrow night!
Seriously, all you readers out there need to get yourselves some grapefruits and whip this up!
(Jordan, if you try this, make sure you add extra honey-those grapefruits are tart! ;))

Cheers to a delicious and sunny day!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chicken Fetish

No, I have not cooked any recipes with Julia Child lately (I am planning a meal into next week's menu), 
but I have found a new favorite way to cook chicken-stuffed chicken!
I was so excited when I saw that my January 2011 edition of Cooking Light featured 
25 Quick & Easy Weeknight Chicken Inspirations.
I always find myself scrounging to meet my daily protein intake, 
so inspiration is welcome anytime.
These meals were two of the most delicious forms of chicken Seth and I have enjoyed together.
Pimiento Cheese Chicken
We were so excited and hungry after work/school for the first meal that we forgot to document, so here is what it looks like in the magazine.
The chicken was so so tender, and the filling was so creamy and flavor-packed.

 Bacon and Goat Cheese Chicken
I was a little nervous using these ingredients, bacon can be too strong for my taste at times, and Seth turns up his nose every time I have crackers and goat cheese.
You can imagine my shock when the bacon was so subtle, and Seth complemented on how yummy the cheese was!

We paired both chickens with one of our favorite vegetables-grilled asparagus.  We love it simple with just salt and pepper, but sometimes we like to liven it up.  I sprinkled this little concoction over them-dijon mustard, lemon juice, melted butter, garlic powder, and minced onion-and it was a fantastic burst of flavors.

We both voted these dishes as keepers.
Cheers to many more 'keepers' in our future!