Wednesday, October 6, 2010


We were born to embrace, not accept it

We were given nothing more, and so we kept it

As the colors of our boots keep fading

We live a life that we hate without saying
Who would listen to the cries of a poor man

We've never done nothing

How could we be something

Every heart has an hour of existence

Every breath brings a chance for redemption

If somehow we could wake up

Let us love

Like we were children

Make us feel

Like we're still living

In a world I know that's burning to the ground

Give us time

To beat the system

Make us find

What we've been missing

In a world I know that's burning to the ground

In a crowd of the dead and disappointed

We're ashamed, giving up on what we wanted

Take a chance on a long shot this time

Aren't we all just at least worth another try

I'm a king in the land of abuses

Undetermined by the promise of excuses

Who would fight when it seems that no one cares

If somehow we could wake up

It's hard to stay here but where do we go

I know we can't feel it anymore

It's true that time is wearing us down

We fall further and further away

Waiting for always to change

Leave your hurting on the road behind you

Let the wind go with you 'til the morning comes

Yeah, your sorrow, it can't save you

It won't answer for what you've done
I know lyrics to a song are cliche, but I am in a needtobreathe muse-well I have been ever since I found out about them a year or so ago.
Some may not like their sound, but I'm sure most can relate to the lyrics.
Once I really, actually listened to this song I had to share it.
I hope you can see what I see.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Today I woke up a bit bummed. I was exhausted for no apparent reason, I still had homework to finish before class, and I did not want to go to school.
I was being so grumpy about it, I am sure I looked quite childish.
God was so good to me and my self-pity. He gave me a few reminders of how much how much he loves and cares about me.
Chai tea latte with soy milk.
Long, cozy, gap socks under my TOMS and skinny jeans.
Bright, warm sun shining on me as I moped to class.
Texts of sweet nothings from my husband.
What were your simple pleasures today?