Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nettie Jean: 9 Months

Nettie was 9 months a couple weeks ago. This month has been full of lots of new fun things.

9 Month Stats:
20 lbs.
29 inches long

Her little nose just kills me.

She can stand unsupported for short periods of time, and has taken a few single steps. We're waiting for the day she realizes that walking is so much faster than crawling!

She always wants a taste or sip of whatever I'm eating or drinking. I feel bad when it's something she can't have because she gets so curious and excited. 

She's already a chips and guac kinda gal. My kinda gal.

She is definitely saying 'mama' now! She also can say 'hi' or 'bye'. (Both are made in a very innocent, soft, high voice, accompanied by a wave. Can't get enough.) She makes lots of other noises, including 'dada', but we're not sure if that is intentional yet.
Way too much going on to sit up front apparently.

She has the cutest fake smile and fake laugh. We love going back and forth, to see who can get the loudest.

She has three teeth on bottom, and two just poking through on top.
We love the after-nap plump, rosy cheeks. Perfect for lots of smooches.

If one of her bamboo swaddle blankets are in reach, she loves to dive at it, snuggle up and 'rest' for a couple seconds. 

She has started snuggling again! She will randomly lean her head against me. She also loves to crawl up in my lap and 'hug' me. My heart melts every time.

Loves looking under the couch for lost toys.

She loves putting her toys in things, and then dumping them out. She also loves throwing her toys. She can spot our phones, the clicker, computer or iPad (basically anything that is ours and she can't have), and will make a beeline immediately. She won't stop until she gets a hold of whatever she is after.

Loves to put her fingers in her mouth and play with her teeth.
First golf outing with daddy. They were both in heaven.

A couple words I would use to describe her personality thus far: determined, rebellious, independent, sneaky, mischievous, aware. 

Very similar to her father and grandfathers. She is already doing things for the attention or just to get a reaction out of someone.

She loves doing 'so big'. We will say, "How big is Nettie?" and she will raise her arms above her head.
Something about being outside just makes babies so happy.

She loves following us around the house. She gets a little frustrated when she's finally made it into whatever room we're in, only to watch us walk right out. But we sure do love hearing her little patter-patter and then seeing her appear around the corner.

She loves giving kisses!!! She even started kissing herself in the mirror.

She is starting to imitate some of what we do or say. Her bath toys are those little animals that squirt water. She has always watched us stick them under the water to fill them up. Now she loves to stick the turtle under the water, then stick the head in her mouth and suck away. It's pretty gross because she actually drinks the bath water! But it is just so dang cute.

She loves to clap, sing and dance.

My two little morning birds, busy yawning.

We dedicated her on Mother's Day, and it was such a great reminder that how we raise her greatly influences her view of God. Every time we discipline her, we are teaching her how God loves and corrects her. Our role as her parents is to create an environment that is conducive for God, and to plant the soil for God to grow in her.
We want Nettie to see that we delight in God and that He is our peace. We want her to see that our life with God is real, and in the worst moments we want her to see that we believe that. We want her to know God's compassion, kindness, and forgiveness, and that He celebrates and delights in her. We want her to find the picture we paint of God so irresistible that it is exactly what she wants. We want to create a positive home where we mostly celebrate and occasionally correct.

 We know this will cost us a lot.
We know that we are putting a good part of our life on hold.
We know it will take a lot of time and energy.
We know it's exactly what we want to be doing.