Monday, October 14, 2013

Kimmel Orchard

 We braved the weather and headed out to pick apples today. 
We ended up having a blast!
(don't mind the Nettie-overload, she was being just too darling)

This girl was obsessed with the apples.

 My lovelies.

 Emma got to tag along, but she was so comfy all tucked in that she ended up napping the whole time.

 She couldn't resist digging into any apple in sight.

 Chubby cheesin'.

 These two.

 He thought to himself, "What would Huckleberry Finn do?"

 Gotta have at least one silly attempt at being artistic.

 Oh, just the usual 'Nettie did something hilarious so we bust out laughing.' 
I love catching these candid moments.

It started down pouring at the end so we had to bee-line it all the way up the hill back to the car-
one of those moments I'm super thankful I had the husband along.
 We got soaked, but it made for a good laugh.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Molly's Bridal Shower

 Mrs Tim Zach (terrible lighting...ugh)

 T + M

Literally the only picture of guests at the shower. I always do that and forget to take pictures of the lovely bride to be and all her friends and family. Boo.

Nettie Jean: 13 & 14 Months

Loves to golf, especially with daddy.

Loves to pass the basketball, but not shoot it in the hoop.

Loves walking on her tip toes and in the grass.

She has the greatest walks. Most of the time she will swing her left arm in major exaggeration as she hustles about. Sometimes she will slump her shoulders and carry her arms like they're limp and wonder around like she has no idea what to do next. Seth and I die every. Single. Time. 

Loves picking her nose, especially when it's runny.

Nods and shakes her head accordingly.

Can get off and on the couch.

I am starting to think that physical touch is one of her love languages. She is always wanting to give snuggles, hugs and kisses. She loves holding our hands, and lately she will do anything for me to hold her. One day she about ripped my skirt off trying to climb up into my lap. 

Loves to twirl and back it up. Whenever I tell her to come to me she backs up towards me and sits on my lap.

Pants like a dog when she's super excited.

Can understand most everything that I say.

Talking all the time! She is definitely more of a doer and go-getter, so sometimes I have to really work at getting her to be still long enough to practice talking. Some of her favorite words: mama, dada, dog, car, Emma, please (p-p-p-p or m-m-m-m), done, uh-oh, ah-ah-ah when I ask her what a monkey says, hahaha, and many more. She is constantly trying to say what I ask her to- I can see her little brain churning but her sometimes her little tongue can't keep up yet. 

She has favorite books and favorite parts of each book. It's so fun watching her recognize books.

She has the sweetest bond with her friend Emma. One morning I made the mistake of telling her we were going to see Emma after breakfast. Her face lit up and she took one bite, raised her arms in the air and said 'done!' She then pointed to the front door and said 'Emma!' She was so impatient as I got us both ready and out the door. Whenever she is with Emma she only has eyes and hands for Emma. The poor girl can't ever get alone time! I have to 'protect' her with pillows just so she can drink her bottle in peace. But then of course Nettie will come barreling through, tossing the pillows to and fro just so she can be as close to Emma as possible. I had no idea little girls could have such a strong bond at such a young age. It just melts my heart.

Her pooping signals are very obvious so we have tried putting her on the toilet when she's going and she is terrified!

Tests me all the time lately. Gets as close to something without touching it-mostly the laptop. Likes to hide sometimes when I say 'come to mommy.' When I find her she is grinning ear to ear.

So so hyper. Always going and entertaining us. There is never a dull moment and she is continually making us laugh. Seriously though, some of the things she does to get us to laugh are so hilarious that I can't believe she's only 14 months.

My gorgeous gal.

Snuggles with her friends.

Story time with Nettie Jean.

Helping mama change Emma's diaper. So proud of how 'helpful' she is!

Big girl shopper.

Such a goof.

Golfing with daddy.

Checking up on her social media. But seriously, kids these days and technology. It blows my mind.

 She is a master at selfies.

Walking the dogs with Auntie Suz.

Big girl pigtails!

We love family walks after dinner.

Crazy hair.

Just looking so grown up! I think she looks more like me when she has her hair in a pony. :)

Posing for mama.

So pleased with herself.

What I thought she should wear versus what she thought she should wear for a fall walk. She loves mama's socks.

She was very excited to be getting her picture taken.

 I just never want to forget her gorgeous little profile.

She is smitten with her daddy.

 Starting to look a little more like mama.

Such a big girl.

It's probably time for a haircut.

Rocking Grammies scarf like a big girl.