Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nettie Jean: 6 Weeks

6 weeks is like the magic week for babies. I've always heard that this is the week they start acting like a little person, and sure enough, Nettie has really started to come alive.

Since 4 weeks:

She is much more aware of her surroundings. She gets pretty distracted when eating, especially if the TV is on. We have started to cover her face slightly with a light blanket to keep her focused. She also gets distracted when trying to sleep. There's just too much to look at, that sleep is no longer as important apparently. She loves her bamboo blanket touching her face, so we just cover her eyes to help her sleep. Also, she has started to track objects. It's becoming so much fun to interact with her.

Nettie is always the most alert and calm right after eating. One morning I caught her interacting with Seth right after a feeding.

She is much more aware of her body. She waves her arms and kicks her legs constantly. She has figured out that she has a tongue-I catch her playing with it in her mouth quite often. It's adorable. She has also figured out she has hands-she wiggles her fingers around and occasionally looks at them. She smiles all the time, and responds to our voices and facial expressions. She coos-probably the cutest thing ever.

She is a great sleeper. She normally sleeps a good 6-7 hours at night, so she only needs to eat after dinner, and sometime in the morning between 4:30 and 6:30, depending on when she falls asleep the night before. She starts out in her bassinet, and sometimes ends up in her swing. We have found that she is a restless sleeper just like her mama, and the swing works wonders to relax her.

Feeding is still lots of work for us. My milk doesn't flow very fast, so she has to work really hard when she nurses, which frustrates her easily. This has resulted in lots of me pumping while Seth or I bottle feed her what I pump. This is where I get worn out. I can handle the occasional evening case of the fussies, or all the poopy diapers, but when feeding isn't the simple nurse-for-20-minutes it starts to take its toll on me.

After hearing Randy and Julie talk about Seth as a baby, we started to notice some similarities with Nettie. She has started to drool. Seth soaked through many a shirt back in his day, so we are preparing for the same with Nettie (but hoping it stays to a minimum!). Also, we know exactly when Nettie is going #2 just by the look on her face. We were told Seth was the exact same way as a baby. It fascinates me how little ones can be so similar to their parents!

It is still so incredible to me that what was once a little crush in high school has now become this cozy little family. And I love my cozy little family. 


Monday, September 10, 2012

Nettie Jean: 1 Month

*Photos courtesy of Dani Attanasio with Attanasio Photography


Loves snuggling, especially with daddy and when she's all wrapped up in her bamboo Aden & Anais blanket.

Loves laying with her head arched back, looking up. This was actually how she was presented when I tried delivering, and the reason I had to have a c-section.

Loves to always be moving.

Loves being in her car seat.

Loves being outside, going on walks, and watching the trees blow in the wind.

At 2 1/2 weeks she started skipping her late night feeding all on her own. She eats once in the middle of the night, and once early in the morning. Looking forward to when we start skipping that middle of the night feeding!

She is a great eater, but very impatient. I've struggled with a low supply from day one, so I have had to nurse, pump and bottle feed what I pump at each feeding. Needless to say, she has had to deal with all of that right alongside me. 

Loves laying on her side.

Can fall asleep on her own. Sometimes she needs me to put the pacifier back in her mouth and pat her back to let her know I'm there.

I have started being able to recognize her different cries. She has a very specific cry for when she just wants some lovin', and a very specific cry for when she wants her food now!

Really strong. Since week one, has been able to hold her head up and stand up.

Like daddy:

Always has cold feet
Can be pretty demanding and dramatic
Loves to watch TV
Starting to look more like him every day

Like mama:

Loves Bon Iver, especially Calgary
Loves soaking in the tub
Loves massages, especially on her feet and back
Fidgety, especially when trying to fall asleep or get comfy.

Like daddy and mama:


I can't wait to watch her grow and see who she becomes, but I know I'm going to miss this tiny, cuddly stage. But that's why we have more kids, right? ;)