Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fall Enjoyments


The foam on my latte was in the shape of a heart.

Reading by candlelight-so serene.


Spray painted Hobby Lobby pumpkins.

Votive candles wrapped in real leaves with twine.

Family pumpkin carving night-we boycott jack o lantern faces.

The First Snow

I actually enjoyed the first snow.
I got to be warm and cozy the entire time while I watched from inside.
It was warm and sunny the days before and after.
It went away fast enough to prohibit the unwanted slush.
It was beautiful.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


We were born to embrace, not accept it

We were given nothing more, and so we kept it

As the colors of our boots keep fading

We live a life that we hate without saying
Who would listen to the cries of a poor man

We've never done nothing

How could we be something

Every heart has an hour of existence

Every breath brings a chance for redemption

If somehow we could wake up

Let us love

Like we were children

Make us feel

Like we're still living

In a world I know that's burning to the ground

Give us time

To beat the system

Make us find

What we've been missing

In a world I know that's burning to the ground

In a crowd of the dead and disappointed

We're ashamed, giving up on what we wanted

Take a chance on a long shot this time

Aren't we all just at least worth another try

I'm a king in the land of abuses

Undetermined by the promise of excuses

Who would fight when it seems that no one cares

If somehow we could wake up

It's hard to stay here but where do we go

I know we can't feel it anymore

It's true that time is wearing us down

We fall further and further away

Waiting for always to change

Leave your hurting on the road behind you

Let the wind go with you 'til the morning comes

Yeah, your sorrow, it can't save you

It won't answer for what you've done
I know lyrics to a song are cliche, but I am in a needtobreathe muse-well I have been ever since I found out about them a year or so ago.
Some may not like their sound, but I'm sure most can relate to the lyrics.
Once I really, actually listened to this song I had to share it.
I hope you can see what I see.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Today I woke up a bit bummed. I was exhausted for no apparent reason, I still had homework to finish before class, and I did not want to go to school.
I was being so grumpy about it, I am sure I looked quite childish.
God was so good to me and my self-pity. He gave me a few reminders of how much how much he loves and cares about me.
Chai tea latte with soy milk.
Long, cozy, gap socks under my TOMS and skinny jeans.
Bright, warm sun shining on me as I moped to class.
Texts of sweet nothings from my husband.
What were your simple pleasures today?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Outsider

This week it hit me hard how little I fit in with my classmates.
I can't for the life of me bs an answer in class or on a test like everyone else seems to be able to.
I am happily married.
I could not imagine going out every single night drinking more than my bodyweight.
I can't name more than three drinks.
I would rather stay home all day cooking instead of partying with a bunch of 'friends.'
I could not imagine having a one night stand.
I value honesty.
I have never played beer pong.
I just now figured out how to study.
I am filled with the joy of the Lord.
I value contentment.
I live for things NOT of this world.
I'll stop there-I'm sure there are plenty more, but my brain is tired.
Until next time.....

Friday, July 16, 2010

First Bridal Shower!

This is so weird, yet unbelievably exciting to say-I had my first bridal shower on June 26th. It was a tea party, evening, perfect event. Two of my cousins, Anna and Rachel, and my sister, Susanna, put it on for me. They could not have done a better job. The food table was abundant in petite desserts, the decorations made Anna's backyard look so elegant.

We had a time of sharing-I told our story, my mom shared, Seth's mom shared, then my dear Aunt Kandy shared. Then Anna gave me a few words of advice. I will always remember them-Love God first. Seth will sometimes fail and disappoint me, but God will never fail.

Of course those were not her exact words, but they were exactly what I needed to hear. Through this engagement, I get caught up with how in love with Seth I am, that I forget that sooner or later he will in some way disappoint me. He can never truly satisfy. God is the only one that will completely satisfy me. He will never hurt me. It was the perfect reminder as I move forward with my relationships with God and Seth.

One of My Favorite Things

I'm not going to even start on a big of a blog sinner I have been! I cannot believe my procrastination! But since there is only three weeks left until I am an old married woman, I thought I should share a few fun things I've been able to find the time to do.

For my birthday present way back in June, my sister, Susanna, gave me a coupon to a homemade spa. I cashed it in a few weeks ago and it was so lovely! She made chocolate/oatmeal facial scrub and olive oil/lemon exfoliate. We dimmed the lights, popped in a chic flick, lit some candles, and I ate a piece of chocolate as she gave me a wonderful facial, mani and pedi.

It was such a great relaxing and bonding experience. She is quite the servant. I can't wait to cash in my bubble bath and massage!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This past Sunday my brother, Phil, graduated from Lincoln Christian High School. It was there on that Sunday afternoon that I found some of my joy. I found it in those around me.
I am also a baby when it comes to monumental events such as graduations. I choke up at them, I choke up watching any high school State event, I choke up at weddings, I know I am going to sob my way through my own.
I was keeping it together perfectly until I heard some of his senior class sing For Good by Wicked. I love, love that album. I get chills listening to each song. I knew I was going to lose it when I saw that song on the program. I had one hour and three speeches to prepare myself for it.
But nothing prepared me for the joy I saw on each and every one of those seniors faces. They were all glowing. It was contagious. I felt so much joy for my brother in that moment. This moment sounds cliche, but in it I realized how powerful joy can be.
Powerful enough to give me back some of mine.


Ironically, what is on my mind today is what this verse about me is about. Lately I have been noticing the lack of joy within myself. I have been noticing much more complaining, and a lot less praising. When I say lately I mean the past year. But today, I really recognized it, and I wanted to take the time and analyze it, hoping to find the source.
Today I found the source.
I want to take you through my thought process before I realized what has been soaking up my joy. I grew up a joyful child. I would never let a thing bother me. God made me with the ability to constantly find the silver lining in every single little thing. On each sports team in junior high I was known as the positive, hard worker. I wouldn't let anyone get down on anyone. I was sure that a positive outlook would overcome any problem.
That was how I lived. I let God's joy shine through me, shining out all negative.
I cannot remember a specific moment my joy dwindled. But as I look back now I realized what was dwindling my joy.
The world.
Piece by piece, the world, and all the sin in it, was taking over my joy. I was losing my ability to see the silver lining in every situation. I was easily bummed. I easily felt negatively about myself. I easily was unsatisfied with what I had. I easily complained.
I am easily bummed. I do easily feel negatively about myself. I am easily unsatisfied with what I have. I easily complain.
My joy is being taking away from me, and I can feel God telling me to get it back.
And I want it back.


I had a moment today as I drove home from work. I drive right next to the apartment I lived in for an entire year with my two best girl friends. Today I drove past reminiscing in all the special moments we shared. I am a baby when it comes to missing things or people-just ask my fiance Seth. I miss things and people so easily, and today I really missed that three bedroom apartment, and the two people I shared it with.
I am so, so blessed to have found those girls and that apartment. God knew exactly what he was doing when he crossed our paths. I'm sure I can speak for them when I say we grew so much that year. We learned so much about each other, about ourselves, about God, about life. What we sacrificed in our schoolwork, we made up for in full in every other aspect of our lives. I will always be thankful for that year in apartment 211.

Times like those make me wonder how anyone could ever doubt the God looking down on us with the loveliest love anyone could ever imagine.


Time flew and before I knew it I hadn't blogged for five days! But I'm pretty sure I can find five things to blog about.

I was just given a new ipod this week. My ipod was on the verge of crashing. It had been showing signs for about a year now. I was so excited to start fresh with my new ipod.
My dying one has songs all the way from freshmen year in high school. That is six years of music. About 6000 songs. On a daily basis, I only enjoy listening to about 500 of those. I felt like I was trying to sift through a huge pile of junk every time I tried finding the perfect tune. It was so overwhelming; so much I was never going to sort through it all.
So when I got my new one, I didn't even want to add a single song. For one entire day I relished in the clean slate I had before me.
I wish I would have been able to start completely fresh. To have been able to buy all new songs. My wishes normally don't come true, but my loving brother, Tim, came pretty close. Him and his downloading skills saved the day.
I am proud to say I am an owner of an ipod with only 708 songs. I can peacefully put it on shuffle and listen through without skipping a single song. I cannot remember the last time I was able to do that!

Current favorite 'chill' album-
Festival-Sigur Ros

Friday, May 21, 2010


It has been way way too long; I was worried I wouldn't remember my password to login. I also kept putting it off because it has been so long I didn't know where to start.
I apologize, Susanna, my one faithful reader. This one's for you.

As you may know, I am in the midst of planning we wedding. One of my sisters, Susanna, is going to be a bridesmaid. I know she is excited; I'm excited too!
Well anyway, one day she gave me a little present. I had know idea, but that day was 100 days 'til my wedding. She had made me a countdown. She had linked together strips of paper (in the colors of my wedding of course). There was one for each day. She not only had written the number of days left, she also wrote me little notes and verses on each one. It was so wonderful and thoughtful of her I about cried.
So I have decided to each day start off my blog with a picture of the link I get to tear off. This will also help me keep up my blogging.

100 days left. Please excuse the harsh wall color. My dear brother, Joel, is letting me stay in his room this summer. Thanks bud!

The amount left last night. It is going by so fast!
She made the last day pink!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I feel like a stranger writing on here-it has been so so long. I literally do not know where to begin. I can't let myself stay away this long ever again! This is too overwhelming! Try to keep up!

A couple weeks ago I went ice skating with Seth and the family. This was my favorite ice skating trip for two reasons-this was the first time I have been able to share this with Seth, and this is Seth's very first time ice skating. I love trying new things, but I love trying new things with Seth even more. There is something about experience something completely new with Seth that really strengthens our relationship.

I have been ice skating many times, but Seth was new to the ice. In a positive way it was great seeing him out of his element. It was definitely a bonding experience seeing him struggle and holding onto my hand for dear life.

Okay, that's enough lovey dovey for a while. I'll make sure to write a lot sooner next time.

Friday, March 19, 2010

A Newfound Love

I went to Grand Island this past Tuesday through Thursday to visit with Seth's family. We had lots of fun relaxing and chit-chatting. I also had fun drinking coffee with Julie. She made us an entire pot of coffee with cinnamon in it. She put the cinnamon in with the freshly ground coffee grounds before she brewed it. It ended up being a wonderful warm mix of coffee and sweet cinnamon. We each drank about three cups that night. I don't even drink coffee for the extra burst of alertness or energy; I simply love the taste-and adding cinnamon is my new favorite thing.

What new thing have you come to love?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Today was a very good day. It was not necessarily productive, but it was very good.

First, I ordered my wedding dress!! It was such an exciting moment. I even bought the veil and headpiece. It is all coming together, well kind of. And to top it all off, my mom bought her dress. She looks absolutely adorable in it-I cannot wait!

Second, I made homemade meatballs for dinner! I used my Barefoot Contessa cookbook my soon-t0-be mother-in-law gave me for Christmas. Seth came over and brought sauce and sparkling cider. Dinner was very delicious; I could only eat half and I am still absolutely stuffed.

Third, it is raining! The sound of rain is just so magnificent! It is so refreshing and sparkly! And the smell! So crisp and fresh! Wow, here I go again with the exclamation marks. Anyways, God gave me many things to smile about today. I consider that a successful day.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Every Sunday night I work for an organization called City Impact. Their mission is to share the transforming hope and love of Jesus Christ in urban neighborhoods through holistic youth and family programming and community investment. Sunday night is the Impact Leadership Academy where junior high and high school children from the urban neighborhood are empowered to live out their faith and make a positive impact in their community and in the world. I have the meek job of feeding them. I get to plan menus, shop, cook, feed and cleanup for all fifty of them. It is an interesting job. It is like my own little Sunday-night-world. For two and a half hours each Sunday night I am immersed into a culture I am normally not involved in.

Anyways, that is not even what I am here to talk about. It is my job, but my wonderful mother and two sisters volunteer and help me. We borrow the Baptist church downtown that is right across from the capitol. Downtown makes me nervous at night. Call me a wimp, but, well yeah, I am a wimp. Tonight I had reason to be scared; my mother entered her car, ready to go home, to find that someone has literally ripped out her radio and cd player! I got goosebumps when I saw the gaping black hole on her dash with wires hanging out!

Then I got angry! Maybe it is because I have Jesus as my conscience, but I have never understood why people steal. My mom had locked her car so obviously the stealer had to be smart to get in ( Ha this made me think of Truman and his skills, Jordan will know what I'm talking about:)). And then the stealer had to know how to detach a stereo from a car. These are not skills everyone knows. I want to track this person down and rack through his or her brain for his or her motive. I just cannot understand why people do certain things. Isn't your conscience screaming at you? We were born with the knowledge of what is right and wrong; no one had to teach us that. Of course, we had to be taught to do what is right, but we still knew the difference.

I'll stop rambling, but that has always been a soft area for me. There are certain things I cannot fathom why people do them. And it annoys the piss out of me!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Is Ignorance Bliss?

Last night I watched, well started watching before I fell asleep, the documentary "tapped." It is about bottled water; the effects, the wastes, the lies, and more. As I watched I realized how much I do not know about issues this world has. I normally either ignore issues, thinking that it does not affect me or what I do is not a big deal in comparison to the entire world, or when I do hear about an issue I get appalled or disgusted, but my feelings is as involved as I get.

I think it is time to get to know this world a little bit better, and I have an idea in where I can start. My roommate Jordan is being a great example through my ignorance. She has opinions and she is trying to followup with actions. As you may already know she has a passion for sex-trafficking. She has some ideas and I am deciding now that I want to be involved. I do not want to steal her thunder so I will let her share when she wants to, but I think this is the perfect place to start.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Avocado and Kelly Ripa

The dinner last night was nothing special. I just made my regular garlic shrimp and avocado salad. It was yummy, but filled me up way too much! I also got to make my fiance his own shrimp salad minus the avocado of course. He does not know what he is missing.

Today for lunch I finished off the avocado. I smashed it with lime juice, garlic, onion powder and salt. I ate it with garlic pita chips. So delicious! I also tried some summer sausage with sharp cheddar cheese. Those two mixed together on a garlic triscuit are so tasty. Why do I get so excited about different foods and flavors?!

Anyways, I have a secret obsession-Hope & Faith. I watch them every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:30 with Micah. I feel like a dork, but we cannot stop laughing! Kelly is absolutely adorable and hilarious; she makes me forget all my worries for half an hour.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Today I realized more than ever how much I love the art of food. I was watching Everyday Italian with Giada de Laurentiis. She is my favorite cook on the foodnetwork. I was absolutely enthralled with her the entire 30 minutes. She knows how to put together flavors, develop flavors, and create the most wonderful dishes. I want so badly to know how to use and create flavors. I cannot wait until I am out of college and I can shop and cook whenever I want. I would love to drop all my responsibilities and experiment in the kitchen all day long. You might think I am ridiculous for loving this so much, but think about the one thing that awes you. It might sound crazy to others, but to you it is the best thing in the world.

On another note, I need new ideas for avocados. I love making guacamole, or adding half an avocado to my salad. I even enjoy eating slices with other vegetables or on a sandwich. But I want to try something new! After this I am going to explore and try a new recipe for dinner tonight. Wish me luck!


The wedding planning is in full swing, and the movies are wrong! Wedding planning is not all fun and dandy. It is super super stressful. Because of my short engagement I basically have to have everything planned this month, well actually a month ago. I have booked my venues for the ceremony and reception. I have plans to take our engagement pictures. I have mom researching caterers. I have family and friends researching a jazz band. I am still trying to find a photographer who will capture my style.

My biggest stress right now is deciding on the dress. I cannot decide between two dresses. One is online at so I have not been able to try it on yet. The other one is not the typical wedding dress, but I feel great in it. So I'm going to see if mom wants to take a road trip to Chicago to try on the jcrew dress. Otherwise I will probably go with the other one.

Despite all the hard decisions and disagreements, I really am having a lot of fun. Whenever I have been planning, brainstorming, discussing, thinking, and all the other things engagements involve, I always have this special moment. I always have my little moment of sheer excitement, where I cannot stop smiling. After being engaged for almost a month now, I still cannot believe this is all happening. I sound cliche, but just wait until it happens to you. All of the stress is one hundred percent worth it. What I have prayed for, wished for, and longed for for four entire years is finally happening this very moment.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything

It is about time I write another one of these things. I have a smorgasbord of little tidbits so let us begin.

I have found a new love-my mother's juicer. It is ancient and bulky but oh so wonderful. I felt like the biggest weirdo lugging it into my apartment, but I have the last laugh; Alyssa has fallen in love with carrot juice! Listen up all you carrot eaters. Carrot juice is marvelous, absolutely delicious and so so sweet and tasty. I must register for my own juicer!

I have found another love-candy. It is not necessarily the taste of the candy, it is the feeling it gives me. My dad gave me his Valentine's candy from school, and of course it consisted of all the childhood favorites. Being a very sugar-deprived child, I experienced Fun Dip for the first time a few days ago. I felt so giddy, yet very "cool." The next day I proudly ate a ring pop, while wearing it of course. I pretended it was the diamond ring I had gotten the week before.

The wedding planning is officially overwhelming. Due to the short engagement, I have had to hit the planning full swing immediately. I have a very specific vision, consisting of an outside ceremony and reception, and due to our large guest list we are having a difficult time finding adequate facilities. I have a to-do-list in my real simple magazine and it starts at twelve to nine months before. I am currently at five months before the wedding, which means I have had two weeks to get everything done on the twelve to nine months before list all the way to the six months before. Enough said.

To end on a more serious note, today I went to the Mill with Jordan. I can see why she loves it so much; it is the perfect get-a-way coffee shop! I got to journal and do a little reading. I read my devotion for the day from my favorite devotional-the one year devotional Walk With God by Chris Tiegreen. I recommend it for everyone. Today hit home for me. "We're reminded of our old nature often, and we let it speak louder than the promise of God." That one sentence was enough for the day, but it kept going. "Jesus does not offer to improve us. He offers to let us die, and then to inhibit our personalities with His presence." It then went on the explain how we can let this happen. It was wonderful to read, especially amidst the overwhelmingness of life.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I just got engaged last night to the wonderful Seth Roger Rhodes! I am too excited for words! Exclamation marks are once again going to be out of control. I literally have a ridiculous smile across my entire face as i write (hopefully my roommate Jordan doesn't look over or I'll look so silly). Today has been all about staring at my finger in shock and utter glee. I was caught completely off-guard (thanks to my tricky roommates and fiance), and I is still so unreal! Yes yes, I will tell you how he proposed.

So last night, February 9th, 2010, started off to be a regular night with Seth. He had come over to my apartment so we could make dinner together. We do this quite often so, of course, I was not having any suspicions. I was not having any suspicions in general due to the fact that we have been waiting for three years for my dad to say yes. Seth had told me just that day he was meeting with my dad later this week to get the updated low-down. I didn't even know he had bought a ring. Anyhow, we made our delicious dinner, made our delicious dessert, did the dishes, experimented with my juicer and then just sat around.

After a while he said he had lots of homework he still had to do so he was heading out. I still was not suspicious-Seth is always getting a head start on homework, and he is not a late-night person. A few minutes later sneaky little Jordan told me she thought she heard someone throwing things at my window. She looked concerned, so I still was not suspicious. Once I opened my curtains Seth was on one knee and he asked me to marry him. I turned around and Jordan was standing there photographing me. I was absolutely shocked I had to ask Jordan if he was actually serious.

I still cannot believe my dad said yes, and I can now call my boyfriend my fiance! Stay tuned to wedding planning updates-we are planning for the end of this summer, which gives us lots to be done so soon.

Still smiling,

The new fiance of Seth Roger Rhodes

Monday, February 1, 2010


Long time no see. Lol, I cannot believe I just said that. I have been waiting these past few days for something eventful to ramble about, but apparently my life is not that eventful. Lately my life has been full of complaints, and that is not fun to ramble about. I am starting to think my earlier plan would have been better.

O! I just thought of something exciting! I made a goal December 31st that during the entire month of January I would not spend money on a single thing! Let me explain-I would only use my money for bills, food and gas. And when I mean food I only mean grocery shopping, no eating out and no random cups of coffee. Guess what?! I did it!! I went an entire month without buying a single thing! I am so proud of myself I cannot stop using exclamation marks! So I rewarded myself, now don't laugh, with the 2010 Real Simple Wedding magazine. It was the perfect reward, except now I am getting a little impatient, if you know what I mean.

Have you recently accomplished a goal of yours? I would love to share exclamation marks with you!

Nighty night.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


After falling short of my list yesterday I have decided to toss the plan out the window. It is time to simply go with the flow and stay true to the name of my blog. Enough said.

I think it is time for the Revolution of Sharon Elizabeth Zach. I feel like I have been stuck in a rut, a lazy, unmotivated rut, and I want out! I need a personal motivator. How cool would that be? To have someone whose one and only job in life was to make you want to get off your butt and be productive. To have someone who was constantly next to you, believing in you, encouraging you.

I am embarrassed to say that I actually do have a personal motivator. I can't see Him, but I can feel Him next to me constantly. I am ashamed to admit that I so often forget He is there encouraging me, believing in me, telling me I can do the impossible. Something about not being able to see Him makes it hard for me. It makes it hard having to remind myself daily He should be enough to get me going. I shouldn't need anything or anyone else.

This now makes me think of the idea of glorifying Him in all that I do. That should be enough match to light my fire, yet I find myself consumed in what the people that I actually see think. Whoa ho ho, it is time to stop before I get too carried away. Let's leave that topic for another day.

It's been real ;)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Two words:EPIC FAIL

I totally did like nothing on my list today! I feel worthless! Maybe I should start shortening my lists. I do have excuses for my failure though.

I could not for the life of me fall asleep last night until 4:04 in the morning! I went to bed around 11:30 and laid there until 12:00 blogging in my head. I was getting restless and tired of laying there so I started to watch a guilty pleasure of mine-Chuck. Season 3 just started a couple weeks ago and I finally got caught up last night. After watching Chuck and his team be amazing I was as wide awake as ever!

To make a long story short, I woke up exhausted and slept through my first class-first fail of the day. My second fail was when I came home from work. I immediately changed in to my running clothes and ran over to the clubhouse. Right as I was about to enter I noticed there was a fellow williamsburger running on one of the two treadmills. There is one thing you should know about my roommates and I; we do not like to work out when other people are in the workout room. It is extremely awkward, and I just cannot handle it. So I ran back into my apartment, wallowing in my embarrassment.

I am going to do better tomorrow right? Wish me luck!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Round 2

'Tomorrow' came much faster than expected; however, it did not come with any exciting ideas. I am still brainstorming, but in the meantime I'll pretend that this is my journal-my much needed journal. Ever since keeping a journal was required senior year in English, I have recognized the importance of it. Writing in a journal makes me actually think about my life. It makes me contemplate things and ask myself questions. When I actually do journal, I realize that I actually do have lots of thoughts going on in my usually empty head. It is easy to get carried away with one simply little train of thought.

So let's just cut to the chase-I am trying super duper hard to keep a routine. Every night before bed I get out my handy-dandy, daily planner and schedule out my "plans" for the following day. I am pretty sure I have yet to accomplished all I had planned, but maybe writing it on here will give me that little extra burst of motivation.

Here we go (for real this time):

Tomorrow is going to be a yucky day; well all days in which I wake up and have to go to school are yucky. My first class is at 8:30 AM! What was I thinking? Well I was thinking that I would eventually get used to waking up that early. Eventually needs to get here! I'm sure it doesn't help that I am too stubborn to go to bed early.

So I have to get up early and go to my two Spanish classes; which by the way I get so nervous in, and for no reason too! Well it feels like I have the best reason in the world when I'm sitting there in class, palms getting clammy, hoping I know the answer when I get called on. Something about speaking a different language really brings the self-consciousness out in me.

Anyways, after I get through both of those torture chambers I get to go sit through Chem 110. I do not like Science. I want to like it; I really do- it would make passing the class much easier, but I cannot stand it!! But I "must persevere" as dear Seth so often tells me.

Normally I get to go home and catch my breath after this exhausting day (yes this much school does exhaust me), but tomorrow I get to work from two to seven! If it weren't for the fact that I get paid I would be mad that I have to spend my entire afternoon at work, because I have so many things I still have to do! And now I don't get to start the list until seven!

After seven:
-Make a quick grocery stop at Hyvee
-Get gas
-Run (thank goodness today is only three miles!)
-Meet Alyssa and Jordan's bible study girlfriends
-Do my annoying back exercises my chiropractor insists on
-Fill out my job applications
-Watch my shows (I can't even remember all of them. Ask Alyssa. She always knows.)
-Read my Bible!!

Now you can see how I have never completed an entire list. I better jump in bed quick before I get too overwhelmed. I can't wait to tell you how it all goes down!

Nighty night:)

It's about time

I finally have a blog! I am not going to lie, I was very pessimistic about this whole blog thing. Who would want to read my nonsense? And what the heck am I supposed to talk about?! But my lovely roommates finally won me over. So, here we go.

Actually here we don't go. I am stumped on what to talk about; nonetheless, I am proud of myself for beginning this adventure. Let's end on that positive note.

See you tomorrow. Feel free to lend me any ideas. :)