Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nettie Jean: 8 Months

Seth and I have thoroughly enjoyed every stage with Nettie. We fall in love with our little gal all over again every day, relishing in all the memories we have already created, and ecstatic for what each new day brings. She changes so quickly and learns something new every day, but we honestly wouldn't want it any other way. This month has been jammed packed with so many new things, hence a VERY lengthy post. We just don't want to forget a single quirk, noise, face or development of hers!

-Very observant. Nothing gets past her. Random, everyday things that we don't even pay attention to really intrigue her. And I absolutely love that about her. It is so grounding to enjoy the world through her curious little eyes. Plus, she is an avid people watcher- much like both her father and mother. So that's pretty neat too.
-Definitely a morning person. No question about it. Which is actually perfect for me because I am not. So it makes mornings more enjoyable since she is such a delight. Plus, I would much rather have her be more energetic in the morning than at night. If she get's a little cranky later on at night, I can just put her to bed, unlike in the morning when our day has just begun.
(Typical morning-hanging out at the toy chest, 'saying hi' to mama) 

(She plays hard and then crashes)
-She seems to wake up every morning with more energy than the day before. If this trend continues, I am going to be one exhausted mama! The days where she only takes one nap the entire day can get pretty trying. But she is very content just hanging out and playing for long periods of time, as long as she can see someone when she pauses to look up (especially if it's Seth or I). She has started to cry if she's playing and looks up and doesn't see anyone around. 

 (I just never want to forget every single facial expression!)

She can wave 'goodbye' if I say 'bye bye.' This all started when I designated her sock monkey as her 'changing table toy.' Months ago when she started getting wiggly during changes, I came up with that solution. And it works wonders! She just lays there jabbering away to the monkey while I get all her business taken care of. Of course, her favorite part of 'monkey' is the tag (just like any other toy). So when we are done changing, I pick her up, set 'monkey' back down on the changing table, say 'bye bye, monkey' and we wave. At first I would move her arm for her, but one day I accidentally forgot to do and she started waving! Ever since, she waves on her own when I say 'bye bye monkey', and she sometimes waves at friends or family when they leave our home.

She loves to sing, especially when she hears me singing at church during worship.
-She loves to be outside. She gets so serious as she takes in all the different sounds, textures and shapes.

-Pretty sure we are going to have a walker in the next couple of months. She can walk along the couch or if she's holding onto something/someone. She can also stand all by herself for short periods.

-One of her new favorite activities is emptying out my purse or the diaper bag. Pretty sure she has perfected it so that either are completely empty in under a minute. It's quite hilarious to watch all that focus and determination in such a tiny little person. 

-She's really been into grabbing things lately. She'll grab our legs, pull herself up and 'hug' us. Simply adorable. Or she'll pull at something (her favorite is the hair on Seth's legs, ha!), and then open up her hands, looking at them to see if there's anything in them. Those tiny little hands, and the curious look on her face just melt me.
(She LOVES Grammy)

-She can give 'kisses' if I put my lips right up to hers, make a kissing noise and say, "Can I have a kiss?" She's not always consistent with this (much too busy playing), but when she does, I savor each big, wet kisses.

-Grandpa Randy taught her how to fake cough. Quite amusing to watch. She gets so much satisfaction every time she learns a new noise. Plus, all that attention is just wonderful, right? ;)

-She can squirm her way out of the bumbo. Apparently when you're more mobile, being confined is not cool.
(These two.)

(I could watch these two all day, e'r day)

-Loves snuggling in bed with us, especially when Seth tosses her on the pillows.

-Trying lots of new foods. Her current favorites are peas and guacamole. She especially loves anything off of our plates. 

-We still think she's left-handed like her mama. I know it can change numerous times before it's final, but it has definitely been her dominant hand for months now.

-She LOVES cause and effect when she's playing. It's so fun to watching her explore this.

-Even though she's not really talking, I still know what she's 'saying' with her body language, sounds and facial expressions. She gets so happy when I acknowledge that I know what she's trying to communicate.

-Grammy Barb taught her how to say 'ba' (ball). She loves to experiment with sounds. I think she picks up a new noise every day.

-She flaps her arms like crazy when she's super excited. So cute.

-She is SO social-just like Seth. She absolutely LOVES playing with other babies and watching kids. So all you moms, we would love love love having a play date with you and your babes. Seriously, come on over! Not only would Nettie love it, but I would also be overjoyed. I cherish any time I get with the gals, and I definitely don't get enough!