Friday, January 11, 2013

Nettie Jean: 5 Months

 Since 4 months:

-Still sleeping great- 9pm-8/9am with a feeding at 6am.

 -She is getting more mobile. She can sit up for short periods of time, and can really move around on the floor by either rolling over or scooting a little (she is starting to lift her body up in the crawling position!).
 -Her personality is really coming alive-and she is one feisty little gal! She is always going, going, going-I can barely keep up! I can't even imagine how energetic she is going to be once she's completely mobile!

-Started solids last week. I really wanted to wait until 6-9 months, but she had other ideas! So far she has tried homemade brown rice cereal and mashed avocado. She loves both! She is the cutest thing to feed. She makes this adorable 'mmmmm' noise with every bite.

-She is mesmerized with food. She stares every time we eat. She'll even start to salivate and move her mouth when we move ours. Too funny.

-Such a social little gal (much like her father). She loves interacting with others. When she starts getting tired/cranky we can buy more time by riling her up again! She really feeds off of others. Sometimes she will just sit there, looking at me, waiting for me to talk to her. Once I engage her, she gets really hyper.

-She loves her toes.

 -She had lots of fun with the family over the holidays.

-Still absolutely loves shower/bath time.

-LOVES time with daddy!
-Her first tooth poked through yesterday! She finds a way to chew on everything she can get her hands on.
My little roly poly sure keeps me on my toes. She is always talking and moving. But I cherish her spunk and wouldn't want it any other way!