Saturday, June 16, 2012

32 Weeks

Welp, 32 weeks has come and gone, and my baby, and belly, are growing strong. Some days I can't believe I still have 7 more weeks (hopefully less!) to go. On the other hand, it's still so surreal that we get to meet our daughter in less than 50 days.

Happenings since week 28:

1. She turned at about 29 weeks. My pelvic and pubic bones felt the pressure the minute it happened. Her little head must have nudged pretty far down there. At first I was in a lot of pain-it hurt to roll over in bed, get out of bed, stand up, etc. My bones are starting to get used to it as she settles in; even though, as of late she has been hitting a few nerves and a few ribs. I have actually been welcoming these uncomfortable moments as opportunities to practice relaxing and breathing through the pain. Anything to get ready for the big day!
2. The Braxton hicks have started. Only a couple have actually felt slightly uncomfortable, otherwise the rest just feel like tightening in my belly.

3. Her butt is right around my belly button area, and it's really fun to watch her wiggle. The first half of the month her limbs were nestled on my left side, but now she has nestled over to the right side. Occasionally she surprise me with a really forceful kick. I love it. One of my new favorite things is to lounge around at home with my shirt pulled up over my belly. I love being able to glance down and see her little body squirm about-her birth day can't come soon enough! 

4. She has lots of little hiccup episodes. So cute.

5. In the past week my body has started to retain water, which has meant chubby cheeks and swollen feet for me. I'll admit, I got pretty discouraged since:
  •   I have been intentional about drinking 3 liters of water a day. That's a lot of water bottles and bathroom breaks!
  •  I was really looking forward to having a little maternity shoot soon, but as long as my baby girl is healthy I'll suck it up for these last couple weeks.

6. My parents took us on a family vacation to Estes Park last week. It was so refreshing to be up in the mountains. I even went on a 3 mile hike! I had to take lots of breaks and was very thankful for my handy walking stick, but the falls were so beautiful.

7. I turned 22. Husband took me on a hot date to JTK and Ivana Cone. I cannot wait for this upcoming year!

8. My favorite moment this month was a few weeks ago one night. Miss N is a major night owl. I know this doesn't mean she'll be like this once she arrives, but it's ironic since Seth and I are pooped by 10:30 every night. On this particular night she kept me awake until 3:00am with her rowdy movements. I was getting pretty exhausted, so I decided to experiment. I played Come Thou Fount (the song we have been playing to her every night since week 16), and sure enough, the moment my phone hit my belly she calmed down. It was very neat-I felt so close and connected to her. I sure hope this song works its charm when she can't sleep through the night!

9. It constantly amazes me how much we already love our sweet little girl, and how much more love she has brought into our marriage than ever before. Despite my growing body and all the unglamorous moments that come with pregnancy, my husband finds me more beautiful than ever.
Words cannot describe what that means to me.

I know this is really lengthy, kudos to anyone who made it all the way through. These posts are basically a means to capture my pregnancy. I enjoy hearing my mom tell us stories of what she did while pregnant with her kids, so I think it'll be fun to read through with our kids some day.