Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything

It is about time I write another one of these things. I have a smorgasbord of little tidbits so let us begin.

I have found a new love-my mother's juicer. It is ancient and bulky but oh so wonderful. I felt like the biggest weirdo lugging it into my apartment, but I have the last laugh; Alyssa has fallen in love with carrot juice! Listen up all you carrot eaters. Carrot juice is marvelous, absolutely delicious and so so sweet and tasty. I must register for my own juicer!

I have found another love-candy. It is not necessarily the taste of the candy, it is the feeling it gives me. My dad gave me his Valentine's candy from school, and of course it consisted of all the childhood favorites. Being a very sugar-deprived child, I experienced Fun Dip for the first time a few days ago. I felt so giddy, yet very "cool." The next day I proudly ate a ring pop, while wearing it of course. I pretended it was the diamond ring I had gotten the week before.

The wedding planning is officially overwhelming. Due to the short engagement, I have had to hit the planning full swing immediately. I have a very specific vision, consisting of an outside ceremony and reception, and due to our large guest list we are having a difficult time finding adequate facilities. I have a to-do-list in my real simple magazine and it starts at twelve to nine months before. I am currently at five months before the wedding, which means I have had two weeks to get everything done on the twelve to nine months before list all the way to the six months before. Enough said.

To end on a more serious note, today I went to the Mill with Jordan. I can see why she loves it so much; it is the perfect get-a-way coffee shop! I got to journal and do a little reading. I read my devotion for the day from my favorite devotional-the one year devotional Walk With God by Chris Tiegreen. I recommend it for everyone. Today hit home for me. "We're reminded of our old nature often, and we let it speak louder than the promise of God." That one sentence was enough for the day, but it kept going. "Jesus does not offer to improve us. He offers to let us die, and then to inhibit our personalities with His presence." It then went on the explain how we can let this happen. It was wonderful to read, especially amidst the overwhelmingness of life.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I just got engaged last night to the wonderful Seth Roger Rhodes! I am too excited for words! Exclamation marks are once again going to be out of control. I literally have a ridiculous smile across my entire face as i write (hopefully my roommate Jordan doesn't look over or I'll look so silly). Today has been all about staring at my finger in shock and utter glee. I was caught completely off-guard (thanks to my tricky roommates and fiance), and I is still so unreal! Yes yes, I will tell you how he proposed.

So last night, February 9th, 2010, started off to be a regular night with Seth. He had come over to my apartment so we could make dinner together. We do this quite often so, of course, I was not having any suspicions. I was not having any suspicions in general due to the fact that we have been waiting for three years for my dad to say yes. Seth had told me just that day he was meeting with my dad later this week to get the updated low-down. I didn't even know he had bought a ring. Anyhow, we made our delicious dinner, made our delicious dessert, did the dishes, experimented with my juicer and then just sat around.

After a while he said he had lots of homework he still had to do so he was heading out. I still was not suspicious-Seth is always getting a head start on homework, and he is not a late-night person. A few minutes later sneaky little Jordan told me she thought she heard someone throwing things at my window. She looked concerned, so I still was not suspicious. Once I opened my curtains Seth was on one knee and he asked me to marry him. I turned around and Jordan was standing there photographing me. I was absolutely shocked I had to ask Jordan if he was actually serious.

I still cannot believe my dad said yes, and I can now call my boyfriend my fiance! Stay tuned to wedding planning updates-we are planning for the end of this summer, which gives us lots to be done so soon.

Still smiling,

The new fiance of Seth Roger Rhodes

Monday, February 1, 2010


Long time no see. Lol, I cannot believe I just said that. I have been waiting these past few days for something eventful to ramble about, but apparently my life is not that eventful. Lately my life has been full of complaints, and that is not fun to ramble about. I am starting to think my earlier plan would have been better.

O! I just thought of something exciting! I made a goal December 31st that during the entire month of January I would not spend money on a single thing! Let me explain-I would only use my money for bills, food and gas. And when I mean food I only mean grocery shopping, no eating out and no random cups of coffee. Guess what?! I did it!! I went an entire month without buying a single thing! I am so proud of myself I cannot stop using exclamation marks! So I rewarded myself, now don't laugh, with the 2010 Real Simple Wedding magazine. It was the perfect reward, except now I am getting a little impatient, if you know what I mean.

Have you recently accomplished a goal of yours? I would love to share exclamation marks with you!

Nighty night.