Monday, December 10, 2012

Nettie Jean: 4 Months

Since 3 Months:

-Lots of rolling over, both ways
-Showing signs of scooting/reaches for objects
-Loves being around people/people watching
-Loves singing, talking and laughing
-Has the cutest pouty lip I've ever seen
-Can recognize her name
-Started getting chubby (It's all that formula!)
-Loves playing with her feet
-Loves playing with my face, and getting kisses (especially both at the same time)
-Obsessed with the TV remote and our iPhones
-Two favorite things are: hanging out in her birthday suit and standing up. She gets so pleased with herself when we let her do both at the same time.
-Starting to need discipline. So far we have introduced 'stay' when she is on the changing table, and 'no touch' when we are at the dining table. (This one came as a surprise. We thought we had more time to prepare! We can already tell we will be spending lots of time praying and in the Word over this.)

We are having too much fun interacting with her. 
Her personality is really started to come alive; and, sure enough, it's just like Seth's!

4 month stats:
14 lbs. 1 oz.
25 inches long