Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gardening: Part 1

Seth and I decided it was time to start a garden since we are finally in a house.
We both don't have a lot of experience, but are having a lot of fun working together.
Our goal has been to spend as little money as possible, and we are doing great!
All of our tools and pots are leftovers from Seth's mom, so we only had to buy soil and plants.
We may not have the nicest tools or cutest pots, but we are so excited to see our plants grow and find ways to use them.

I found an article (found here) about how to grow your own healing herbs, and decided to try out a few. If I am successful, I will definitely be trying lots more!

Perennial lavender-I am probably most excited about this one, especially since I get to enjoy it year after year. 

Peppermint and lemon balm.

We decided to plant a few pots of flowers since our front yard looks pretty boring.

More flowers.

And of course some spinach. Can't wait to enjoy this in a nice summer salad or a green smoothie.

Next up is the actual garden bed-I am a little nervous for this one considering we have lots of rabbits hanging out in our yard.
But, I've found some easy homemade tips on rabbit-proofing a vegetable garden so we shouldn't have too big of a problem.

I think this is going to become one of my favorite hobbies!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

24 weeks

 Welp, my belly has officially popped out.
For the first time all pregnancy, this month seemed to go by very quickly.
I can't believe we're almost in our third trimester-
bring on week 25 tomorrow!

I keep a journal to our daughter where I fill her in on all our thoughts, feelings and events, so I'll try to keep this short.

Happenings since week 20:

1. Our little gal officially has a name.

2. We have begun the big feat of decorating the nursery. We are going with a neutral and natural theme-lots of white, wood and other natural elements. We are on a tight budget, so it will be fun and interesting to see how creative we can get (it definitely helps that natural elements are easy to come by and free!).

3. With that said, we are starting to really evaluate our hearts. I, not so much Seth, find myself getting caught up in the pleasures of this world. That has translated into our little addition-I have found myself focused on nursery decorations, baby clothes, maternity clothes, etc. With Pinterest, blogs, online shopping, and more-we are surrounded by a culture that is constantly search for the next best, or the most unique, piece of clothing, furniture item, or whatnot. It is exhausting and overwhelming to witness! Our family will definitely reflect our style, not only in a material way, but more importantly in the beliefs and values we have grounded in our hearts. We will always enjoy decorating and shopping, but we will not let it consume our hearts and minds. Especially since we are having a daughter first, I really want to show her a good example of what a contented heart looks like. We want her to be content in a home where we do not caught up in the trappings of this world but focus on the eternal. We want her to see that principle lived out daily in her parents lives, and we want there to be no doubt in her mind that God, and nothing else, has captured 100% of our hearts (and will hopefully capture hers one day). I still plan on decorating her nursery (because I enjoy decorating and the challenge of taking inspiration and making it my own), but my goal, until she arrives, is to focus more attention and energy on our marriage, how we can be godly parents, and how we can build a home centered around God, instead of how I can add new and unique items to my 'wish list.'

4. Seth can now feel her kicks and squirms. We love to snuggle up on the couch and cradle my belly in our hands, enjoying each lively movement. We've known all along that she is right there, growing big and strong in my belly, but the beauty of it all captivates us all over again with each and every kick, leaving us awed and speechless.

5. I have started to notice the effects of my growing belly. My lungs are starting to feel slightly smothered at times. Daily activities take a  little more energy than normal. And, my belly button is almost even with my belly-I can't wait for it to pop out! I am probably alone here, but I think it is cute when pregnant belly buttons poke out underneath clothes.

6. I am currently craving milk, scrambled eggs and black beans, smoothies, mango green tea, and lots of fresh produce! If I don't get in my daily dairy and fruits and vegetables, my body is quick to notice and does not hesitate to ask.

7. Miss Rhodes can definitely hear the world outside her little home, and I think she is starting to recognize things. She kicks up a storm every night when we play Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing to her, and also when Seth and I have conversations. I swear she already knows those voices are her mommy and daddy's!

8. She moves the most when Seth and I are lounging on the couch, chatting away. It's like she knows we are comfy at home and lovin' it.

9. My family really loves touching my belly. I honestly don't mind-I am just not used to all the attention. I don't think I ever will be. But, it is definitely fun seeing them talk about/to her.

10. I haven't felt nauseous in months!!! We are so thankful for this one since the first trimester was nothing but nausea and throwing up.

11. Also, the awful migraines have subsided. I was getting them at the beginning of the second trimester, and, besides one last week, now they are no longer. Once again, such a blessing, since those little suckers were harsh and never-ending.

12. I have started to notice some pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel syndrome. It is mainly in my left wrist and at night. It goes away once I stretch my wrist-very thankful it has stayed this mild.

13. I am always thirsty! Our babe must gulp up all the water I drink because I am always wanting more. But, I can't say I mind. :)

14. I am really starting to embrace pregnancy. At first, I felt awkward and self-conscious with the weight gain, but now I absolutely love my belly. There is just something so magical about new life growing inside me. She makes me feel like such a woman. I might not look great all the time, but boy do I feel wonderful! Pregnancy is such a breathtaking and freeing experience.

15. We still can't believe there's a daughter for us at the end of these nine months. We obviously know that's how it works, but it's so miraculous that sometimes it's hard to fully fathom.

Truly blessed,

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Finds for My Little Lady

My mom, sisters and I visited Babyworks at Milkworks and Circle Me a little while ago.
There were lots of great sales, so we picked up a few things.

We are going the cloth diaper route (we plan on having a large family, so it will save us money; plus, the fabric and fit options will be super comfy for our little babes) so I picked up some that were super cheap.

This one was actually handmade by a cute, quirky young lady.

I especially like the back-my little gal's bum is going to look mighty cute in this little number.

Not very cute colors, but these diaper covers are going to come in handy,
 plus the felt openings will be cozy.

We also picked up some burp cloths, soft blankets, and cotton wipes.

It is so fun looking at all things baby.
Some days I like to meander into the nursery just to take a peak at these tiny little numbers, 
smiling and daydreaming of the day when we get to put them to use.

A few days after we shopped, I found out I had won a gift certificate to Babyworks.
I can't wait to go back and find more goodies!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lemon Everywhere

Today was pretty dreary, so I decided to spend it in the kitchen.
My sisters are on break so they joined in.
We immediately knew we were making something with lemon-
lemon has this way of cheering everything up, plus it just tastes so fresh and delicious.
They both turned out better than we had expected-so rich and filled with lemon.

The cupcakes with the lemon curd.

All frosted and ready to taste.


The bread with the first layer of glaze.

There was lemon in every bit-just the way we like it.

Such tasty treats!