Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nettie Jean: 3 Months

Nettie Jean turned 3 months November 10th, but I've been pretty busy around here so I'm just now getting to this! She has been quite the joy, and such a blessing to have around.

Nonetheless, she has already taught me a great deal about motherhood in these quick 3 months.
A few of which include:
-multitasking (seriously, motherhood takes this to a whole new level)
-parenthood is secretly just God's way of straightening out my heart, and bringing me closer to Him.
-it's very important to be aware of how I react to situations. I always have a little person watching...and learning.
-to ignore those looming feelings of loneliness and self-doubt when I'm alone with her all day; instead focusing on the beauty of this wonderful gift.
-sometimes having long conversations with a naked, giggly baby is way better than cleaning, cooking, working out, or showering.
-those embarrassing mom 'baby' noises are inevitable; and, well, embarrassing...
-it is crucial more than ever that I have a solid relationship with God, as well as with Seth.
-I am pretty stoked for #2, #3, #4....#5?

3 month stats:
11 lbs. 8 oz.
23 inches long