Monday, February 11, 2013

Nettie Jean: 6 Months

I thought every month before this was awesome, but 6 months is the bee's knees. This little gal is simply a blast. She's becoming more of a little girl and less of a baby, and we love it!

Things she's been up to:

-Crawling! Like the legit hands and knees crawling...with some army crawls thrown in here and there. And lots of standing! She literally cannot stay still or be silent. She has even started 'dancing' in her high chair when we play music.

-She loves to get into anything and everything. She always wants to be involved with what's going on.

-Lost of new noises. I swear she says 'mama'! (She even says it when I know she wants me, or when she's looking at me) And that 'farting' noise is my absolute fave. (Once again, please excuse the embarrassing commentary. Having a child really brings all the weirdness out.)

-She is starting to throw little tantrums, with the best little pouty lip. They are both hilarious and dramatic. We're are working on finding a method to address these.

-She is in love with Seth. She absolutely adores him and everything he does. She is enamored with his every move the minute he gets home from work. Their favorite activity is running around the house on his shoulders. 

-She is starting to purposely drop her toys. She will hold something to the side, look up at us and then casually drop her toy. So 'sneaky.'

-Loves being outside or looking outside. Looking forward to spring and lots of trips to the park!

-She has started preferring certain people at certain times. Mostly it's me, Seth or my mom. She lights up when she sees us, and even raises her arms or leans towards us to hold her. It makes my heart smile. 

-I often catch her making facial expressions exactly like some of Seth's. It's crazy how similar they are.

-She is still very social. Loves watching/playing with other babies/toddlers. 

-She is a very aware little gal. Most of the time I feel like I'm hanging out with a little kid. She is always watching, studying, trying to imitate, making facial expressions, etc.

-She is ticklish! I have been waiting for this day since she was born, and it is so fun to squeeze those thighs and get a giddy little response. 

-Still a great eater. We are introducing vegetables this week. She loves drinking water from her sippy cup as well as from our glasses.

-Still a good sleeper. We had a little rough patch when she first started crawling. Instead of sleeping, we would find her crawling around her crib giggling away. Super cute, but super naughty!

-Starting to learn what 'no touch' and 'stay' mean. Not necessarily following them, but we can tell she's getting the hang of what they mean. Changing clothes and diapers is becoming a bit more of a task. She is always wanting to roll over and play. 

-Still only 2 teeth on the bottom, but we think she's working on the next 2.

-I am learning more and more that while Nettie develops, so do Seth and I. I am learning how much I need and desire real, uplifting Christian friendships. I am learning how discouraging and unfulfilling it is to be in friendships with people stuck at surface-level or people who like to appear to 'have it all together.' I am learning the beauty of being vulnerable and imperfect, and how God can use me through that. I am learning how destructive it is to compare my life to others'. I am learning to take advantage of every second of my day, because this is it. My life has started and I only get one shot. I am learning to focus on aligning MY heart with God, instead of how my husband 'should' align his. And let me tell you, I LOVE learning. I really REALLY do.

6 month stats:
17.8 lbs.
27 1/2 inches long