Monday, March 25, 2013

Nettie Jean: 7 Months

Nettie turned 7 months over 2 weeks ago, but we've been busy over here.

7 month happenings:

-She laughs. all. the. time. She is so ticklish, and that little giggle is the best. Oh, and she now has a fake laugh. If she sees us laughing, she can make herself laugh. Adorable. And don't get me started on her smile. She grins from ear-to-ear all the time, showing off her two little teeth. And we love her favorite face: sucking her bottom lip. She does it constantly, and it is the best thing ever.

-She loves giving high-fives.

-She REALLY wants to walk. She can pull herself up, and get back down. She is constantly trying to stand on her own and take steps. She loves walking around our ottoman or along the couch. That's her little hangout area. It's like she can do it in her mind, but forgets that her little body isn't ready yet. Soon, little babe! She has even started reaching out to us, like she's saying 'hi', or that she wants us to pick her up and take her somewhere. It's fun figuring out what she wants based off of body language.

-We finally gave in and lowered her mattress. Took her about 6 seconds to stand up, but at least we know she's not getting out anytime soon.

-Nap time is going a little smoother than last month. She is learning to lay still while she falls asleep. Sometimes she will accidentally toss her paci out of the crib, and I'll find her calmly laying on her tummy, with her face smooshed up against the crib, peering out in longing for the paci on the ground. so. cute. Also, she has officially mastered the best baby sleeping position ever: on her tummy with her little bum in the air. Seth and I sneak into her room so many times every night, we can't get enough. It's gotta be one of the cutest things a baby does.
(caught her making raspberries)

 -She is constantly making noise. Making raspberries. Talking to herself. Squeals of delight. Even louder squeals to get our attention. Little murmurs while she tries so hard to tell us something. Sometimes she'll even surprise us with a noise that sounds like something we would make. Cannot wait for her to talk!

-She is really good at independent play-time. She gets really into it and has little conversations with herself. Her new thing is picking up a toy and tossing it. Seth and Nettie have a favorite activity where Seth sets up towers of blocks and Nettie crawls around knocking them down. She is so eager and exploratory, and quite the observer- she notices everything. I think this is why she enjoys entertaining herself for so long.

-She definitely recognizes 'no touch' and 'be still.' She obeys them most of the time, but sometimes she will test me. We have had a couple battles of the wills when it comes to nap time and being still. She can get a little rebellious and feisty at times.

-She got her first ear infection this month. It was awful seeing my daughter writhe in pain. Once we figured out what it was, I decided it was time to boost her immunity. My mom suggested Flax seed Oil (she gave it to us daily growing up). If you have ever tried it, you know it does not have a pleasant taste. It is very hard to disguise, in fact. But to our shock, Nettie LOVES it, plain, by the spoonful! So strange, but I can already tell it's helping. So a spoonful a day it is!

-We are currently looking for more educational toys for her growing little body and brain. We have our eye on a couple walkers and little drums, but would love any suggestions on interactive toys that stimulate those creative juices!

-I say it over and over, but she truly is such a joy to have around. She is non-stop with quite the high-energy levels, but I couldn't imagine life any other way. We are thrilled to see the spunky little gal she is growing up to be.