Friday, July 16, 2010

First Bridal Shower!

This is so weird, yet unbelievably exciting to say-I had my first bridal shower on June 26th. It was a tea party, evening, perfect event. Two of my cousins, Anna and Rachel, and my sister, Susanna, put it on for me. They could not have done a better job. The food table was abundant in petite desserts, the decorations made Anna's backyard look so elegant.

We had a time of sharing-I told our story, my mom shared, Seth's mom shared, then my dear Aunt Kandy shared. Then Anna gave me a few words of advice. I will always remember them-Love God first. Seth will sometimes fail and disappoint me, but God will never fail.

Of course those were not her exact words, but they were exactly what I needed to hear. Through this engagement, I get caught up with how in love with Seth I am, that I forget that sooner or later he will in some way disappoint me. He can never truly satisfy. God is the only one that will completely satisfy me. He will never hurt me. It was the perfect reminder as I move forward with my relationships with God and Seth.

One of My Favorite Things

I'm not going to even start on a big of a blog sinner I have been! I cannot believe my procrastination! But since there is only three weeks left until I am an old married woman, I thought I should share a few fun things I've been able to find the time to do.

For my birthday present way back in June, my sister, Susanna, gave me a coupon to a homemade spa. I cashed it in a few weeks ago and it was so lovely! She made chocolate/oatmeal facial scrub and olive oil/lemon exfoliate. We dimmed the lights, popped in a chic flick, lit some candles, and I ate a piece of chocolate as she gave me a wonderful facial, mani and pedi.

It was such a great relaxing and bonding experience. She is quite the servant. I can't wait to cash in my bubble bath and massage!