Thursday, October 11, 2012

Nettie Jean: 2 months

Nettie is already 2 months old and so full of life. Every day we are more in love.

Feeding is still our main struggle. Since she has been sleeping longer, she eats more during the day. But since she doesn't nurse, my supply has gone down. She doesn't like to nurse because she has to work so hard and barely gets any milk (there is a lot working against both of us, so we're just thankful she gets breast milk!). So we pump and bottle feed, with a little formula supplementation. (If any mommas out there have a recommendation for good formula we would greatly appreciate it! I hate using it, but if she needs it, then she needs it.) Sometimes I still get really frustrated at feedings, but I've come to terms with the fact that every momma and baby have some issue. This is just our issue that we have to work through together. I will say, it is such a privilege to be needed by my child, to watch her grow and develop, and to help her through her challenges and difficulties. 

Otherwise she is such a lovely baby. She is on a great eating and sleeping schedule. One long afternoon nap with three cat naps the rest of the day. She sleeps in her own room now. It was hard at first for me to be that far away from her-I got so used to hearing her sweet murmurs! But she is such a trooper-sleeping all the way from 10-5/5:30. Seth and I are very thankful for the extra hours of sleep ourselves!

She is becoming more and more aware each day. She LOVES to watch us! The minute Seth gets home from work all eyes are on him. She is enamored with his every move. It is THE cutest thing to see, as mother and wife. I've been wearing her a lot more, and she loves to watch my every move. Her eyes follow my hands as I work around the house. She is also getting so strong! During tummy time she lifts her chest off the ground-I'm anxiously waiting for her to start rolling over. She loves to sit up, and she tries every time she is propped up a little bit. Lately she has really been into her hands and her mouth. I always catch her trying to 'eat' her hands. It's quite hilarious-she gets so into it, and really gets the drool going.

She had been sitting there for a while before we took the video. Poor girl was getting tired of holding her head up by the end. 

Lastly, we have started using cloth diapers. We don't mind it so far. It's a little more work than disposables, but not too bad. They do seem a lot more comfy for her little bum. I do have a question for all you cloth diaper moms out there-what is the best way you have found to get all the poop stains out? Some of my inserts are bamboo, and after my first wash cycle, a couple of them still had a few stains. I know they're disinfected, but aesthetically they just don't look as nice. Help!

We are having so much fun being parents to this sweet little gal. Raising a child with the man I love and cherish has got to be my favorite thing.