Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Strawberry Picking

With Instagram being all the rave these days, I always forget that I should post on here more than just Nettie's monthly updates. Oops!

We went to Bellevue Berry Farm today with a few of our favorite gals. It was a first for both Nettie and I, and we had a blast. The strawberries were pretty picked over, but the weather was great and the fellowship was just what we needed!

Nettie was very quick to test out the goods. I looked down for a second, only to hear a curious little babe chomping away. She had snatched up a strawberry and stuffed the whole thing in her mouth! She was so pleased with herself. Plus, her strawberry-stained lips were just too cute. 

Photo bombed by a chubby baby hand and foot. Best kind of photo bomb. 

We love Aunt Brig!

Little pals. 

Proof of a fun day!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Nettie Jean: 10 Months

This gal is just a hoot. She does so many hilarious/adorable things every single day.
 "I just can't take it" or "She's just too much" are some of the comments Seth and I find ourselves making over and over.

We spend a lot of our days together with our faces super close, making silly noises or faces. She loves interaction and my undivided attention. Sometimes I just can't handle it. She loves letting us use her paci or blankie. She's learning to share! She's really good at showing me what she wants by motioning to things/places or making noises. Lately, she has been motioning to her crib when she's tired, and she get so pleased when I plop her in with her paci and blankie. Her go-to words right now are 'go' and 'car.'

She has THE best fake laugh. (One day I finally got my phone out and coaxed it out of her. It's a shame I never catch the best stuff on camera.)

She loves to blow kisses.
She loves to shake her booty to music, or just on command.

(I mean.)

She has 8 teeth (Seth says he sees 9). She is starting to prefer our food over her smooshed up food, and loves to feed herself.

She has taken 4 steps at a time, but still no official walking. She is such a tease!

(Delicious bedhead is a perk of her ever-growing, luscious locks.)

We have entered the clingy phase. It was only bad when she was sick, otherwise she's learning to be content with someone else when I'm around.

She loves making noises, imitating sounds/faces, shaking toys/things. (One day she figured how to do this all on her own. It amazes me how observant and quick-to-learn little babes are.)

She loves people watching and waving to anyone and everyone. Whenever anyone enters or leaves our house, she is quick to give them a wave and a 'hiiiiiii.'

(Chatting on the phone is a regular activity of choice.)

She is very flexible. She just loves doing whatever I'm doing or going wherever I'm going. She is just so content being with people. Her absolute favorite is when it's the 3 of us (daddy, mama and Nettie). That's when she's her happiest.

(Her little Winnie the Pooh band-aid from giving blood- tough girl didn't even make a peep. She was so intrigued and kept trying to eat it.)
We had our debut at the ER this month. We had a little scare with a high fever and convulsions. It ended up not being anything serious, and she's back to her normal self, but it sure was exhausting!

(We got lots of snuggles when she was sick.)

My two favorite things this month:

Watching Nettie interact with other babies melts my heart. She has developed a soft spot for one of her dear friends, Emma Jelinek. She gets so excited whenever she sees her- she scurries over to her side and 'gently' (she's still learning on what gentle means) touches her. She gets dramatically bent out of shape whenever she hears Emma crying. It's like she has Emma's cry engraved in her mind like a mama with her babe. She won't calm down until she sees that Emma is okay. It is the sweetest thing to see the two of them interact and love on each other. Seriously cannot wait to see Nettie with siblings. She is going to rock the big-sister gig.

This month has been my very first time in all of my marriage and motherhood that I haven't had to work outside of the home and/or be in school. And, let me tell you, it is the bees knees. I'm still pretty nervous about this whole stay-at-home-mama thing. When I had school and work I would always have an 'excuse' if something was neglected or messed up. It would always be because I had a busy or stressful day trying to fit in school, work, God, the home, the husband, the child, family, friends, myself, and all the extra stuff that always gets piled up. I was still so new at most of it, and it was way too much to be able to do it all well. That was sort of was a relief to me, because then the expectations were lower and it was harder for me to 'fail.' But now I have no 'excuse' when I procrastinate or waste hours of my day. I know this pressure is something us women put upon ourselves, and it's totally unrealistic- it's definitely our sneaky sinful nature poisoning our way of thinking. My hope is that I can let go of the fear of failing and simply enjoy each precious moment at home. Because I am doing what I was created to do, and I absolute love every second of it.