Friday, October 11, 2013

Nettie Jean: 11 & 12 Months


Loves giving hugs.

Loves to point.

Loves to see what she can fit into her mouth. She thinks it's hilarious to gag herself.

Very vocal. Says lots of words and tries to imitate what we say.

Always motions to her crib when she's tired. Very handy for mama!

Loves trying to put stuff on her head- glasses, clips, hats, mama's underwear, etc.

Major goof. All. The. Time.

Loves to dance.

Loves to snuggle.

Loves to smack her lips and grind her teeth.

Favorite moment: She hadn't seen Auntie Lyd in a while and she almost cried when she saw her for the first time because she had missed her so much. She just couldn't contain her excitement/emotions. No one can get her to laugh as much. She always will go to Lyd no matter who is holding her. 

12 month stats: 22.8 lbs 30 inches

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