Monday, October 14, 2013

Kimmel Orchard

 We braved the weather and headed out to pick apples today. 
We ended up having a blast!
(don't mind the Nettie-overload, she was being just too darling)

This girl was obsessed with the apples.

 My lovelies.

 Emma got to tag along, but she was so comfy all tucked in that she ended up napping the whole time.

 She couldn't resist digging into any apple in sight.

 Chubby cheesin'.

 These two.

 He thought to himself, "What would Huckleberry Finn do?"

 Gotta have at least one silly attempt at being artistic.

 Oh, just the usual 'Nettie did something hilarious so we bust out laughing.' 
I love catching these candid moments.

It started down pouring at the end so we had to bee-line it all the way up the hill back to the car-
one of those moments I'm super thankful I had the husband along.
 We got soaked, but it made for a good laugh.

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